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Fibre to the Office (FTTO)

This can be seen as a halfway house between Ethernet and POL. Featuring a blown fibre backbone architecture this solution will support migration to POL should a customer require a technology change.


The system presents RJ45 PoE at the wall but connects to the core network switch via fibre. These can be aggregated at closet level if required, or if density demands it, but typically eliminates the requirement for network cabinets on each floor. This solution also is not constrained by the 90 metre distance limitation of copper networking.

The FTTO equipment also features ruggedized units that are temperature insensitive and offer a unique and attractive solution to manufacturing customers where plant floors etc. pose a hostile environment to active equipment. FTTO Solution drives the sales of large density chassis fibre switches – HP, Dell or Juniper.


Passive Optical LAN

Cara in association with our market leading hardware partners implement the full range of POL solutions. POL essentially offers customers high speed networking with exceptionally low running costs. It offers savings in 3 distinct areas:

High Speed Connection

  • Containment

  • Power consumption

  • Deployment(typical application - over 250 users on a greenfield site).

As the product is fibre based it can be tailored to offer power users guaranteed bandwidth and does not suffer the same distance constraints of a copper deployment. Additionally typically only one network room per campus is required; two if diverse routes should be required.


Traditional Active Data Networking


All of the solutions we offer will have some element of traditional active data networking. We have established partnerships with HP, DELL and Juniper and offer full design, supply and implementation services. . Our technical design team also hold certifications to the highest level with Cisco systems and we offer similar services for networks based around this manufacturers equipment. Our range of manufacturer partnerships , techical experience and skill enable us to assist our customers in chosing the network architecture which most closely matches thier business requirements.

As Palo Alto Gold partner we one of only 2 companies in Norhern ireland trained and accredited to supply and install this market leading network Security platform. As a product which tops the Gartner Quadrant for Security Products Palo Alto appliances deliver the peace of mind and user control necessary effectively utilise and managed internet connectivity in todays climate of cyber risk.



Network Support Maintenance and Managed Service


Each solution we offer will include an option for support and also one for a complete managed service.

We have developed a range of support options which will allow our customers flexibility to secure a support package based on operational risk and business necessity.



Fibre architecture mapping & management


As Ireland's only accredited reseller for AND fibre mapping software Cara can offer our customers unrivalled visability of their fibre infrastructures. Coupled with Commscopes Imvision active patching system we can deliver full end to end visability of passive architectures even in mixed enviornments comprising both fibre and copper infrastructure.


Network design, consulting and trouble-shooting

 Leveraging the skills of our technical director (Mark Rushby, CCIE) we offer design, review and support services to our customer base and partners.


Wireless Networking

We offer an integrated WLAN solution designed for mobility. Our customer’s require high capacity wireless networks supporting high quality mobile real-time applications like voice and video. Our solutions offer consistent, reliable connectivity in high-density environments where resource-intensive applications depend on wireless service.


Network Security Devices


We offer our customers security solutions as a managed service and as hardware supply and integration service. Providing solutions based on PaloAlto’s single-pass software engine we ensure that our customers enjoy predictable performance across their IT architecture.


Active Data Networking

All of the solutions we offer will have some element of traditional active data networking. We have established partnerships with HP, DELL and Juniper. While our engineering team are certified up to CCIE level we do not intend to achieve a partnership with Cisco systems.

In the network security space we have achieved Palo Alto Gold certification and  have certified engineers on our team.

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